“Greg knows the law, knows how to fight, and most importantly, he knows how to win.”

When I first met Greg, I was at one of the lowest points in my life. By the time we parted ways, I was at one of the highest. He returned to me something that was priceless and I thought I had lost forever — my good reputation. Greg knows the law, knows how to fight, and most importantly, he knows how to win.

-Bill Taylor

“On a scale of 1 to 10, he’s a solid 10!”

Greg Smith gave me guidance and successful representation when employment issues became unbearable. He’s a true professional and the “go to” person when it comes to employment law. On a scale of 1 to 10, he’s a solid 10!

-Loren Farell

“Impressive level of dedication, diligence, and fearlessness”

I am so grateful to have Diana and Greg as my attorney’s. I was represented in two successful workplace retaliation lawsuits. In both cases Diana and Greg demonstrated an impressive level of dedication, diligence and fearlessness. This team of attorneys put me at ease during the most stressful times of my life, cared about my well-being and operated with the highest level of integrity. Thank you!!

-Debbie Lopez

“Unafraid to take on the powerful on behalf of his client”

Greg is unafraid to take on the powerful on behalf of his client. In my case, Greg won a unanimous jury verdict and a sizeable financial award. Greg, Boris, Selma, and the entire staff were a pleasure to work with and will be forever friends.

-Jim Abbate

“Greg’s experience immediately saw what other attorneys did not”

I took my case to several prominent attorneys in L.A. County. After consultations with them, none wished to take it because they did not see case or that they would be able to convince a jury. I would have saved a lot of stress and time had I sought Greg Smith from the beginning. In less than 20 minutes of explaining my case to Greg in his office, he put his hand out facing me, indicating to stop talking and said, “Pete, don’t worry. I’ll take your case.” Greg’s experience immediately saw what other attorneys did not. When it was all said and done, the City compensated me for one of the largest jury verdicts in LAPD history to an officer for loss of past/future earnings and pain and suffering. Thank you, Greg.

-Pete Torres

“Hard work and dedication of the entire staff”

I have been an extremely proud client of the Law Offices of Gregory W. Smith, LLP since 2013. The entire staff has always treated me with the utmost respect, has a thorough understanding of the challenges I have endured working for the fire department, and has always fought aggressively seeking justice for me and my family. With the hard work and dedication of the entire staff and Gregory Smith, an excellent trial lawyer, we prevailed in a jury trial in 2015.

-Vernon Creswell

“Brilliant, tenacious, and honest”

Greg and Diana accepted my case, which ultimately went to trial and resulted in the single largest employment verdict ever secured against the Los Angeles Police Department. They are brilliant, tenacious, and honest. Perhaps most importantly, they actually care about their clients; I cannot recommend them highly enough!

-Elliot Zibli

“Greg Smith responds strategically”

The process of a civil trial is grueling; it requires trust and faith in the team who is navigating you through the system. When the defense fights dirty, Greg Smith responds strategically. This is the reason for his well-deserved reputation and success.

-Denise Bertone

“Understanding and professionalism”

I am very grateful to attorney Diana Wang Wells for handling my case. She was honest and forthcoming during the entire process and kept constant contact and explained anything I did not understand. Suing a large corporation is scary and intimidating, but Diana’s professionalism and demeanor helped me get through it and gave me reassurance that I was doing the right thing. The entire staff was professional and welcoming anytime I called or showed up for an appointment. Overall, the Law Offices of Gregory W. Smith made a very stressful event less so through their understanding and professionalism.

-Leslie Mariscal Munoz

“Always responded promptly”

I have nothing but positive words about this law firm. I know they have many clients but they always made me feel important. They always responded promptly to my phone calls and emails.

-Richard Joaquin